Written by Andrea Dellai

With  Andrea Dellai, Massimo Scola, Laura Serena

Director Tommaso Franchin

Light designer Manuel Garzetta

Sounds Marco Campana

Props Paola Ghiano and Martina Pretto

Thanks to Dedalofurioso.

A faraway place. A filling station. Few cars. Very hot. Some indian caravans (sometimes). Two people manage the filing station, brother and sister: a microscopic “masculine” universe where messing around for too long e too long silences. A custom-made world.

A society bombarded with slogans, messy and racist. And finally, one day, after years of hard work and sweat, a brand new fridge comes along. No more rotten meat. No more flies above the steak. The indian track has brought the fridge, of course.

So in this story there are a man, a woman and a fridge. And some cars sometimes. And a group of indians. But, like in every deserving story, something must happen. Something more, I mean. And something happens. He opens the fridge and finds the Virgin Mary inside. Maybe escaping from the town, who knows. Maybe on a cruise, nobody knows. Well anyhow she makes a very important announcement to him. From inside a fridge, yep: maybe it’s not that great, but still this is the story and there’s nothing we can do about it. And that’s not all: he must become a nun. Yes you read well. With veil, tunic, sandals: all included. Our Lady of Error has stroke and sunk. How to face this event? Can somebody evade such a proposition? I don’t think so. How can a love, which grew on the edge of a nothing, cuddled by night and moon, how can a love which still smells like gasoline understand and accept the absolute detachment? Too many questions, maybe. Some days you wake up and you’re totally different, without knowing why. But you feel that something changed. SISTER(S) is a hymn to individual freedom, no ifs, ands or buts. It’s a hymn to the bonds that connect us and don’t oppose with questions. The more absurd this story, the more true it is, cruelty. The more it is detached from reality, the more it is engraved in everybody’s soul. It’s a story. That’s all. Things happen, and that’s all. the one who doesn’t adapt is lost. And it’s good the way it is.