Everyone speaks from a different place. On this little island a lot of people said goodbye to everything else. Bondings are always precarious, a high tide makes them fall thorugh. But that is the precise moment when we realize that the secret is simple: it’s being somewhere with what’s there, because what’s there is always so much.

Il campo e le tre signore

The walls remain even when the city has long since died: a city, this city, is very fragile, the walls are not. A city is alive because it is supported by a network of relationships, a very fragile intertwining of intentions. I could never live in a city I don’t love.

Emotive Mapping Venice – Sant’Alvise was built in residence at the Groggia Theater and with the collaboration MPG Cultura, Casa Dell’Ospitalità VeneziaVenice On Board.

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Emotive Mapping is a performative walk and an human specific performance that we develop in collaboration with the local community and the local artists.
The playful nature of the performance aims to re-connect the participants to their familiar surroundings under a different light. It shapes a new, different story. It provides an opportunity to reflect and re-think places and events with an ironic and spontaneous take.
The participants can exercise their own perception. Freely playing with topography and connecting with the imaginative side of their childhood, without fear.
Through the narration and the actions, the participants will eventually be led to dissolve the perception of historical conflicts which for some could still be present and tangible.