Episode 2 - The White Room

written by Andrea Dellai

with Antonia Bertagnon

sound Marco Campana

director Andrea Dellai

WHITE ROOM investigates the loneliness of a life lived on the fringes, the sacredness of the morning rituals, breakfast and waiting. It tells about a woman’s relationship with her angel, ghosts and memory. Hers might have been an ordinary life, but it hasn’t: one day, her spirit reached the Absolute. And the 88Absolute has turned out to be the deepest hole, the night of the soul. How can the Sacred remain, when it has clearly gone and what is left is just a slobby, messy flat? How can the sacred continue to remain within the simple rites to welcome the break of a new day? Where to find God when only destruction and war are all around? A lonely woman, with an invisible angel as her only companion tells about this call, using the simple gestures of an ordinary life like hers own, among cigarette butts and leftovers. Her dignity does not lie in her look, but it is holed up in her heart, in the deepest of her heart.

WHITE ROOM describes the morning of a woman who has no name, because her face might look a like the face of innumerable other women: those women who have known ruin, disasters, tears, but who have been able to stand up on their feet again and, with nobody’s help, have started to walk again. Women who have never given up.We allowed ourselves to get inspired by the landscapes and the pictures of war which bombarded our eyes during the summer of 2014. What we have drawn from it is a universal cry of awakening and peace.

Video excerpt: https://vimeo.com/121294895