You can find a score in every place. Here too, in the main square of Alviano: a door closes, a car turns on and a cyclist passes over theĀ basso continuo of the car engine and goes around the square, with the slight sizzle of his bike; as soon as it has passed, another, less powerful engine sounds behind him: a three-wheeled Ape-car goes around the little square. Then the silence returns. From the tree near the bar, every evening at sunset the sparrows raise the volume of their chirps, every evening, for twenty minutes. Then the silence returns.

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Emotive Mapping is a performative walk and an human specific performance that we develop in collaboration with the local community and the local artists.
The playful nature of the performance aims to re-connect the participants to their familiar surroundings under a different light. It shapes a new, different story. It provides an opportunity to reflect and re-think places and events with an ironic and spontaneous take.
The participants can exercise their own perception. Freely playing with topography and connecting with the imaginative side of their childhood, without fear.
Through the narration and the actions, the participants will eventually be led to dissolve the perception of historical conflicts which for some could still be present and tangible.